Brighten Your Home with LEDs

Home improvement is not all about call up a Wollongong plumber for a bathroom renovation. There are many other ways that you can improve the look and the feel of your home. If your home has been feeling dull and you need to brighten it, you can do it in an affordable and eco-friendly way. From installing LED lighting, using bright colors to using natural light, there are no limitations.

Use LED Bulbs

Thanks to innovation as LEDs are the most preferred lighting today. It’s not only because it will brighten your home in a good way, but because they are efficient and long-lasting. The bulbs are widely available, they do not shine too bright and they can be installed anywhere. Actually, they are perfect for even your flower garden. 

Ceiling Mount LEDs

There are specific rooms in your home that you want to brighten yet you do not want too much light. One of these rooms is the bedroom. In such a case, you should opt for a ceiling mount LED. They will not only brighten the room at night but also during the day. 

Wall Mount LEDs

This is for those that love reading in bed. The wall mount LEDs are perfect for those that love reading or spend a significant amount of time in their study rooms. The good thing about this kind of lighting is that it does not light the entire room, but it focuses on one point with beautiful lighting that is comfortable to the eyes. 

LEDs in the garden

Relaxing in the garden will give you peace of mind. To beautify the garden and boost the curb appeal of your home at night, you should install LED lighting in the garden. This should involve the fence and should be installed in a vertical design to give it a sunlight feel. 

LED lamps

For a combination of perfect lighting and accessories for your living room, you should opt for LED lamps. Most of them are intricately designed to not only brighten your home but also to boost their appearance. You can get them in different colors.

LED lights are calm and they brighten your home in a soft way. The beauty of this kind of lighting is that it can be installed anywhere. In the garden, mounting them on the study room wall, installing them on the ceiling of your bedroom and using the bulb in your living room. 

Do you Have Emergency Lighting in Your Home? Consider These Options

You value your home and you have installed the best type of security system. While you have done this, it is also important that you consider emergency lighting. At times, the rains could lead to a power outage and in some cases, it can take even a week before the relevant people fix it. To avoid the inconvenience that comes with this, it’s essential that you consider your options with emergency lighting. You have several options in the market. 

  • Solar Powered Lighting

The good thing about this option is that you do not have to pay anyone for power. All you need is the solar panel that you leave out in the sun and it generates light. Apart from this, there is a wide variety of lights that you can choose from depending on your requirements. You can opt for flashlights, lighting for the entire home, camp lights and even torchlights. These kinds of emergency lights are widely available and affordable.

  • Battery Powered Lighting

Battery-powered lighting is another great option when you are looking for emergency lighting. There is plenty of battery-powered lighting that you can opt from whether you want portable ones or you want to fix them in your home. LED light technology is diverse and it has become popular due to the fact that they are energy efficient. You can fix them anywhere in your home including the outdoors to ensure that you will still have light even when there is a power outage.

  • Kinetic powered lighting

This might not be as popular as other lighting options, but it’s a great option to have in your home. All that you need to do is press it with your foot or hand-crank it depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. What makes kinetic powered lighting a great emergency option is that they come with a siren and a portable radio.

When you have emergency lighting in your home, you can still charge your phone and other electronic devices, you will use your appliances and even take that hot shower. Considering the fact that there are several lighting options, you should make an informed decision when improving your home with lighting. Keep in mind the pros and cons of each option. 

Whether your area experiences disasters or not, having emergency lighting is paramount. You never know when you will need it and the good thing is that there are plenty of them that you will get in the market. You can opt for solar-powered, kinetic and battery-powered depending on your preferences.