Successful and cheap home renovation: The only guide you need

Are you living in the same home for a long time? Or maybe bought a house/apartment you didn’t like very much? If the answers to both questions are positive, then you’re probably considering home renovation.

You constantly dream of renovating and upgrading your home’s comfort and appearance. However, you don’t have a lot of money and you wish to find a simple guide on how to successfully renovate your home. We’re here to help! Check out the only guide you need to renovate your home and stay on budget.

Change your handles, hinges, and doorknobs

Although it seems like a small change, sometimes small changes have a major impact on your home’s appearance. Replace the old wasted doorknobs with new modern ones that don’t cost much and don’t forget about the hinges.

Consider changing your handles as well and give your home a new modern outlook. If you want to take it further with the renovation, you might consider changing the switching plates as well. Replace them with colorful modern ones and renovate your home in a creative manner.

Change the lighting and the lamp shades

Another small change that will leave a major impact on your home. Are you satisfied with the lighting in your home? Do you like the color or the usual lighting or want to experiment with blue, yellow, red or maybe green lighting? Feel free to experiment and adjust your lighting to your home environment. And remember, too little lighting is just as bad as too much lighting. Make a balance and enjoy your new home appearance. However, don’t forget to change the lampshades as well and chose the modern ones you’ve always wanted to buy.

How about installing new curtains or blinds in the windows?

Seems like everything we suggest is a small change. However, we don’t have to mention the impact curtains or new blinds will leave on your home appearance. If you go for the new blinds, you will give your home an aesthetic look.

We advise you to chose the two-inch wood blinds over the one-inch vinyl blinds because they are harder to destroy your pets or kids at home. If you decide to change the whole appearance of your house and chose the curtains, always chose the sumptuous ones. They are like an eye feast once you install them and you can always find cheap ones in the nearby store.

Reorganize your furniture and create new shapes

If you thought you should buy new furniture for home renovation, stop it right there! Before you do that and spend extra money, try to rearrange your furniture. Create new shapes and consider covering the furniture with fabric or slipcovers.

When you change the color of the walls, don’t forget about the ceiling

Another major change that will refresh your home is repainting the walls in a different color. However, in order to complete the new look of your home, don’t forget about the ceiling. Although many homeowners decide to leave it white, feel free to experiment and make your ceiling colorful.