Taking Care of Your Deck

Just like any other part of your home, your deck will need repair at some point. A deck is placed outdoors and this only means that it should be appealing otherwise it will be an eyesore in your home.

Continued exposure to weather among other things can lead to issues such as wood rot which must be dealt with when it happens. Proper care should be ensured to see that the deck will not have to be replaced often.

  • Check for Rot From Time to Time

Not checking on the rots could lead to a replacement. To avoid this, it’s beneficial to check for rots from time to time. Areas to check are mostly at the ledger, under the boards and the stair treads. Inspect the entire deck. If possible, build your deck with rot-resistant wood.

  • Keep the Deck Dry

The deck could be wet from a downpour, from vegetation nearby when it rains or from water spillage. When the water remains on the deck for too long, you may have to replace most of the wood. The more the wood remains wet, it continues to absorb the water and the faster it will start rotting.

  • Clean the Deck Regularly

Keeping your deck clean will prolong its life by preventing some issues. It also boosts the face of your home. Remove any debris on the surface including between the deck boards. It’s best that you purchase a deck cleaner for a thorough cleaning.

Scrub the surface and rinse with clean water. The advantage of using a deck cleaner is that it will remove graying of the wood, mildew and dirt. This will leave your deck sparkling clean.

  • Remove Stains

The deck may have lost its luster. There are various ways that you can remove the stains but one important thing you should consider is the type of the wood. Some cleaners may worsen the discoloration. You can eradicate graying, mildew, mold and algae.

What Affects Deck Durability

Your deck durability could be affected by various things. Besides exposure to weather, foot traffic on the surface could also affect its durability. The treatment done on the wood could also cause a problem if the right chemicals or fasteners were not used.

Checking for deck issues on a regular basis, maintaining and restoring affected boards will save you a lot of money rather than waiting to replace the entire deck.