15 Decoration Concept to Beatify Your Home

Decoration costs can be very large, in the penny stock goods decoration market among them, polish eyes do not petty cheap is a very important basic idea; if you want to effectively save the decoration budget, the most effective way is not to “choose the cheapest” , But for the function and style of the space, effectively “off, homes, away from” to figure out their own needs, the hard work of saving gold spent on the knife in order to achieve both texture and budget decoration quality! After preparing the decoration gold, here are 15 heartfelt suggestions on the renovation budget, not everyone can save the budget, but to ensure that decoration more “value”!

Learn more about design details

Through the pictures or 3D images provided by the designer, you can know the function and appearance of the space before construction. If there is any doubt or need to adjust the position at this moment, you should promptly put forward to avoid future construction in the changes and adjustments to the expenses.

Before dismantling anything, think twice about the

Open space design in recent years. However, it is very difficult to rebuild and destroy the building. In the process of renovation, both the existing pattern and the existing decoration must be carefully considered. , If you need to save renovation budget, the best way is to adjust within the existing pattern.

Do not keep the pattern of non-use

Although the pattern is not fixed budget decoration, but the unnecessary space is to change, especially in existing habits do not have the function, or in the next few years will not The space used, it is proposed to remodel or transfer to other functions, so as not to need to be rebuilt in the future.

Looking for alternative materials and making good use of ready-made furniture

The cost of work-shift and building materials are two major costs in decoration. If it is necessary to save renovation costs from these two points, start with material replacement or reduction projects such as the use of ready-made furniture Woodworking, reducing the need for material switching, saving the cost of different types of work, etc. It is not recommended to directly cut the labor costs of work-classes, to avoid affecting the construction quality.

Expensive materials or furniture, where the need to place

The material on the right position is a knowledge, not a good material used more space is bound to luxury, timely mix with other materials, not only can reduce costs, but also Can increase the spatial level. For example, furniture, if there is a strong single-style design, with a simple sofa or set off, or marble, in the living room wall surface is not necessarily the whole shop, timely jumper mirror or tile, you can enrich the texture level.

According to the actual use of space to take advantage of the standard

Decoration is not a sample room to move into the concept of sample house is good, but according to their storage needs and living habits, planning a suitable space allocation is king, your living room Need to place a separate computer desk, do not buy samples of the heart of the house to read that sofa, comfortable and suitable life is the goal of decoration.

Simple and beautiful ceiling

If there are no pipeline concerns, do not cover the appropriate ceiling, just a simple chandelier, standing light to add space light source, after all, a cost-saving choice, not only in the future easy maintenance, it is not easy to store Scale, long and short of the floor, giving a more comfortable life scale.

 In fact, some details

Can be omitted to omit the details of the decoration, save the money you can win more practical functions, such as too much contextual lighting is not only not required, you have to pay more electricity, if the budget is saved, you can Tim Buy energy-saving LED lamps; or wardrobe in the locker room does not need to add a door, you can set more other storage, for storage convenience.

 Proper use of the old furniture

the old furniture in the home Although the old style, but worthy of decades of material inevitably not bad, change a cloth cover or re-paint may be a new look, and then use the last one or two decades not a problem.

Taste of the paintings and design of single product, enhance the taste of home

In the style of choice and appropriate painting or design a single product, with appropriate can effectively enhance the space taste, set off the overall space style; but no matter how valuable it is, Are just a part of home decoration, if too expensive and cause pressure on the cart before the horse upside down.

Do not pick those who can be seen everywhere decorations

Home furnishings and fittings, just pick the souvenir the same souvenir shop selling must be the worst, in principle, the best choice to highlight the home style and personality of things, Not everyone started jewelry, even if there is a sense of design of a single product, but also do not pick some too common style, so as to avoid the tide after the cumbersome home.

The trend of home atmosphere to fabric

curtains and cloth, tablecloths, linen and other replacement unit price is lower, is the home to follow the trend of the fashion indicators, as long as the appropriate style, you can not consider durable problem, when you Need a change of mood or, just put on the right fabric, home style can be completely different.